Last year, the Capitol went wild for Annouk Wipprecht’s proximity-sensing spider dress and the latest hip trend in body modification, nano-bots. This season, Capitol Couture invites you to look past the visually apparent in to the realm of The Unseen- a science and biology-based design house that specializes in “enhancing matter at the hidden level”. At the helm is artist and artistic director Lauren Bowker, who recognizes that a visually stunning headpiece never goes out of style in the Capitol. Bowker works with a small team of like-minded individuals to produce extraordinary capsule pieces that interact with the hidden world around them in revolutionary ways.

Bowker’s current collection consists of two extraordinary works: an untitled headpiece- constructed in collaboration with Swarovski Crystals- that changes color based on brainwave patterns, and AIR- a shawl-like piece and the stunning headdress seen here, both of which contain pigment responding to multiple factors in its environment. The Swarovski headpiece contains over four thousand cloned crystals, chosen for their similar properties to human bone. Once combined with Bowker’s “Magick” ink the effect “becomes a reflection of the inner human thought”. The Air collection’s responsive inks and dyes are imbued in the fabric rather than added on top, and reflect several stimuli including airflow, temperature, pressure and sound.

Capitol Couture salutes Lauren Bowker and the entire team at The Unseen for their collaborative efforts with Swarovski Crystal, and their continuing commitment to the united vision of One Panem.